Filter is the new search

Searching is for the monkeys, its not only a painful process but also counter-productive. With YourNotify, you can easily sift through your specific interest and get instant notification for new findings


Filter CD

The foundamental idea of Internet was to make it easy for people to access information, brilliant! It worked.

Then as things evolved, so many information became available online, thousands, millions, billions of information — and mostly websites doing the same thing or offering the same services. It has now become a bit fustrating finding what you need, don’t get me wrong — the more option, the better. But finding those options has now become a painful repeated process which is no longer helpful as the internet continues to grow.

We need filter!

The foundamental idea of YourNotify is to create a solution that can help people get their specifc information on time and effortlessly.

Take job or accommodation for example, except you have a personal contact, the process requires you to constantly be checking multiple sites and sending your request — while in the process, you miss out or respond late to certain offers. With YourNotify, you get notified on time (mins from when it was posted) and constantly get notifications without having to do the repeated manual search.

Filter is the new search!